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Lune dans le jardin

Four years ago on 4th June 2016 I married my husband Chris on the beautiful island of Santorini. We're from the UK but we always wanted to get married abroad as we love to travel and we thought that there was no better excuse to holiday with all our closest family and friends than to have a wedding holiday. Prior to our wedding we visited the island to see what the venues and vendors were like and to say we fell in love with the island is an understatement.

Santorini is magical. The view of the caldera will take your breath away, the weather is fantastic, there's numerous stunning villages to walk around, history, beautiful beaches and the people are wonderful, I could go on. and on... there really is nothing like it.

Ever since our wedding I've been advising brides on their weddings and working alongside our wedding planner and various people who worked on our wedding who over the years have become great friends of ours and have encouraged me to follow my dreams of building a UK based wedding planning company. I had a baby in 2018 so focused much of my time on my daughter but now the time is right to put more energy into my company Felicity Weddings.

My name Felicity means 'happy' and my aim for Felicity Weddings is not only to create the happiest day of someone's life but to create an enjoyable planning process and memories to last a lifetime.

A few months before flying to Santorini a close family friend showed me a crescent moon installation which they were considering for their daughter's wedding in London. When I got to Santorini I met with Kirsty from Weddings and Whimsy, an incredible wedding set design company who create the most amazing installations on the island. I told Kirsty about the moon in the UK and to my utter joy her and her husband had just recently made a crescent moon, so I just HAD to use it for my styled shoot.

I met a french model Anthony the next day who was the most happy and positive person enjoying his first time in Santorini and from there on, 'Lune dans le jardin' became the concept of the shoot.  

Lune dans le jardin is a shoot which brings together people from all over the world to celebrate the magic of Santorini. The venue, Venetsanos winery is a stunning rustic winery which overlooks the caldera. It was the place I chose for my wedding ceremony and was therefore the perfect location for my first styled shoot. The tables, chairs and tableware from Spicy Bites catering are elegant and minimal to reflect the beauty of the scenery. The flowers are blue and cream with green succulents and cactus woven in just as many of the gardens here do.  The dresses are gorgeous Greek designed gowns from Costarellos and Fedra and the wedding favours from local taverna Agaze are used as a celebration of Greek colours and tradition. Eva Rendl has captured the beauty of all of these elements and our couple magnificently. 

It's a true honour to have worked with such inspirational people on this shoot and to build Felicity Weddings  for weddings in Santorini - my ultimate happy place.

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